A woman identified only as Jane Doe claims she was drugged and sexually assaulted during the weekend of the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles back in February (15) after taking Ross and his entourage up on an offer to attend the Cannabis Cup marijuana convention with them.

The plaintiff alleges she climbed into a van with the group and accepted an alcoholic drink, but passed out soon afterwards. She awoke two hours later and claims to have found herself alone in the van with Ross' agent, Thaddeus 'Black' James.

According to legal papers obtained by TMZ.com, they headed back to his hotel room, where she blacked out again, and when she regained consciousness the next morning, she noticed she had been partially undressed and assaulted.

The woman is holding James responsible for raping her, but she has also named Ross in the lawsuit because she believes the hip-hop star should have been keeping an eye on James while the incident reportedly took place in his vehicle.

Ross has yet to comment on the accusations.

It's the rapper's latest legal woe following an arrest in June (15), when he was charged with kidnapping, aggravated battery and aggravated assault charges relating to an altercation with a groundskeeper at his Georgia home.

He is also being sued for failing to promote a Super Bowl party on social media in January (15), while his ex-lover, Tia Kemp, is demanding an increase in child support for their son William.