Not only did Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts return to work after recovering from a bone marrow transplant this year, she also announced that she’s gay and in a loving relationship. Another notch on the list for 2013 then. Roberts acknowledged "the news" in a facebook post, although as it turns out, it was only news to viewers. The relationship has been a public secret around ABC Studios for years.

Robin Roberts
Roberts returned to GMA in February after a bone marrow transplant.

"We love Robin and Amber, who we adore and have all known for a long time," said one executive. "We were touched by her Facebook message today and so thankful for the loving support she has in her life."

Robin Roberts, CMA Awards
She was backed by the ABC team in her decision to come out.

Amber is Amber Laign, Roberts’ longtime friend and companion. She is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in treating patients with severe injuries. Earlier in the year, she attended the party thrown for Roberts’ return by the ABC team. She was also mentioned warmly, when the ABC anchor thanked the people, who had helped her through her recovery. The decision to come out is, of course, a very personal one and Roberts may have waited this long to make the announcement due to her conservative religious upbringing. As to why Roberts chose to come out now, the ABC News executive said it came after personal reflection on her return to health over the past year. Roberts and Laign have been together for the past ten years.