Rupert Everett was a ''sl*t'' during his younger years.

The 53-year-old openly gay actor insists his ''whole life was about sex'' during his youth because he loved it and he was furious with Catholicism, and he enjoyed sleeping with people so much he wasn't ever bothered whether his sexual partners were ''attractive'' or not.

He said: ''I was a sl*t. I loved sex. You were told [at school] that if you got a hard-on, you should turn over and a say a Hail Mary.

''You somehow make it work for yourself, but it gives you lots of bubbles inside. I wanted to tear everything down, and the way I found to do it was sex.

''They didn't necessarily have to be attractive. It depends how the lights are hitting you and how the drinks are hitting you.

''My whole life was about sex, really, in one sense or another.''

In Rupert's 2006 memoir 'Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins' he confessed to telling a friend he was ''s****ing'' Sir Ian McKellen, who he used to stalk during his younger years when he was living in London, and he insists it is a ''shame'' people are no longer allowed to stalk others.

He added to Culture magazine: ''I did sleep with Ian McKellen. I loved stalking people. Now it's illegal, such a shame. Such fun.''