Shaggy is not dead. Repeat. Shaggy is NOT DEAD. It seems the reggae pop star is the latest celebrity to fall victim to the notorious Twitter death-hoax. Internet reports suggested the "It Wasn't Me" singer had passed away after a particularly bloody bar brawl in Los Angeles.

Someone even updated Shaggy's Wikipedia page with bogus information on the fight and the rapper's subsequent death. It isn't the first time that Mr Boombastic has been rumored to have been killed, it's actually happened plenty of times before. We're pretty sure he fell off a cliff while skiing in Austria, or was that Ryan Gosling? Anyway, the reggae star defiantly told in the first person, "[Shaggy] is like a cat with 9 lives.  But I can happily report that he's alive and kicking and in the same building as me right now as we speak." 

Shaggy - who dubs himself an "International Superstar" on his Twitter profile - released his last album Summer In Kingston on July 19, 2011. The record featured guest vocals from Cuban rapper Pitbull and was initially priced at just $2.99 through iTunes, Amazon and other major digital outlets. 

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