Electronic dance musicians Skrillex and Sebastian Ingrosso are bringing the party to Las Vegas after announcing nightclub residencies.

Skrillex and the Swedish House Mafia star are teaming up with performance troupe Cirque du Soleil to host a series of separate but theatrically-themed concerts at Light at the Mandalay Bay hotel, which is set to open on 26 April (13).

Exact dates have yet to be released, but Skrillex admits he can't wait to start choreographing the spectacle, telling Rolling Stone magazine, "I want (the show) to be distinct to the Light club because the configuration is so customizable, it's f**king crazy. That's the thing about the club, too: they can do anything, so it's how you maximise the dynamic of a great show with all their f**king bells and whistles and all of their budgets and resources to do anything."

Ingrosso is excited about the project too, adding, "Production on dance shows has been escalating for a long time now. Swedish House Mafia shows have been something we build for months before a tour. But this is putting the production layers back where this all began: the club dance floor. This isn't a huge arena, this is a club, and the vibe in a club is very different and special. This isn't escalating up, this is it taking it back to the dance floor and we'll all see where it takes us and enjoy it."