Skrillex and Diplo have recorded ''an album worth of material'' with members of Arcade Fire.

The duo - who go by the name of Jack Ü - popped into the studio with singer Win Butler and his wife and fellow band member Régine Chassagne while on tour in Canada in July and although they originally claimed not to have made music together, they have now revealed their short session created enough music to make an LP.

Skrillex said: ''We just jammed on live instruments for 45 minutes and probably made an album worth of material.''

Diplo, 36, played down the claims slightly by insisting they only played together for 20 minutes, but hinted the session may lead to a release as he has been working with the material they recorded.

He explained: ''We [Skrillex and I] were recently on tour together in Canada.

''We went to Montreal, and we had a day with Arcade Fire. A friend of mine was there, and we just said 'Hey, let's go meet up with you guys'. We went to his garage and just literally played for 20 minutes, just everybody on an instrument. I got the files from them, and now I edit it down these loops in little pieces.''

Pleased with his progress, the 'Lean On' hitmaker said he is planning to head back into the studio with both Skrillex and Win.

Speaking on Charlie Rose's PBS chat show, he added: ''I'm probably going to go back to Montreal with the lead singer Win and maybe Sonny (Skrillex) and record vocals on it.''