Review of Snow Patrol live at M.E.N Arena

Having released their sixth studio album last year, Snow Patrol are currently in the midst of a UK arena tour that includes three nights at the O2 Arena. From here they will hit mainland Europe and then North America, before the festival season kicks in to play.

Snow Patrol

GARY LIGHTBODY IS A FLASHER! Now before this potentially libellous statement results in a law suit, it must be explained that the Snow Patrol frontman spends tepid opener 'I'll Never Let Go' with his fly down - and volunteers this to a capacity crowd. He will later go on to explain that this isn't a usual move for him and in doing so, reveals himself to be a likeable, modest and self-mocking rock star. Even when getting those sat to stand during 'Shut Your Eyes', it is a polite request than a demand, and you can't help but think what a nice guy he is. This alone will not make for a good concert though and the lack of a big hit on the recent 'Fallen Empires' release does mean the title track and 'Called Out In The Dark' receive polite applause as opposed to manic enthusiasm. The back catalogue of hits makes amends, with 'Take Back The City' making an early impact and 'Run' proving to be a genuine arena anthem. Towering above this is 'Chasing Cars' - a stadium anthem I guess? - that resonates with a sound that can't fail to impress, but equally goes to show how the band lack a few more timeless songs in their arsenal. 'Chocolate', 'You're All I Have' and finale 'Just Say Yes' all have qualities, but would prove difficult to find favour amongst the unconverted. Still, for those present, they do the job for a band who look very comfortable in a large venue setting.

Alex Lai

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