Snow Patrol rocker Gary Lightbody is so devoted to the band, he's ended relationships with family and friends so he can concentrate on his music.
The Scottish band has sold more than 10 million albums worldwide, but frontman Lightbody admits he has had to make sacrifices in his personal life for the group's success.
He explains, "All my relationships have ended because of the band, though 99 per cent of the time that was down to me. I'm never there and when I am there, I'm not really present. I'm always thinking about the band and music too much.
"Then I don't get to see my family a lot. I see my niece, Honey, who's two, every few months or so and it breaks my heart because I love her to bits."
But the Chasing Cars hitmaker insists he doesn't regret losing touch with friends, adding, "I have such an amazing life, I can't complain. We're still pinching ourselves. There are things you have to sacrifice if you want to do anything right."