Suki Waterhouse refused to bow to pressure to change herself or lose weight to succeed as a model.

The 31-year-old star has opened up about her early days in the modelling industry - revealing anyone who was "different" was told to make changes in order to book jobs, but Suki was adamant she didn't want to make any concessions.

Speaking in ELLE UK’s October issue, she explained: " [I remember] an initial pressure to change myself a lot. If you were different, then you’d be sat down and told that you weren’t going to do shows.

"I didn’t really believe: 'This is the truth; I need to look like this to work'. I didn’t believe I had to be half my body weight to succeed."

Suki went on to explain she decided to use her "loud" personality and unique sense of style to get ahead. She added: "I was using style as a distraction, to not have people look at my body in its pure form. And I feel like it worked.

"I was very loud with it, and in a lot of cases I was able to go in there with a bravado and a sense of style that would distract people".

Suki went on to work with companies including Vogue, Tatler and Balenciaga as well as taking up acting but she has since swapped the catwalk for the recording studio in her bid to make it as a singer.

However, she admitted it's not been an easy journey. Suki explained: "It felt like a massive delusion to have anyone take me remotely seriously as a musician, [but] I just believed in it and kept working towards it for a decade.

"There was obviously a lot of time of feeling quite swallowed up and like: 'Oh God, am I ever going to be seen as anything different than what I am at this moment?'"

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