Taylor Kitsch loves giving dietary advice.

The 'John Carter' actor trained as a personal trainer and nutritionist when he was trying to get his acting career off the ground and would consider a career helping combat obesity if he hadn't found movie success.

He said: ''I got certified as a nutritionist and a personal trainer while I was studying acting. I was homeless in New York and LA; I couldn't work much because I was Canadian and didn't have a visa. I wasn't supposed to work in gyms but I did it anyway.

''I love helping out other people with advice. If acting didn't work I would've become a dietician for kids. We're in the worst state we've ever been in, in terms of obesity in kids, adult early onset diabetes, and so on. Especially in the States. It's a f**king joke.''

Taylor admits he ''worries'' about younger generations because so many are unfit and overweight.

Asked how he would combat the problem, he told Men's Health magazine: ''Accountability. Parents and school systems. I'm more worried about the kids, the younger generation. That's who I would focus on.''