Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog might no longer be a couple, but the pair are still keeping their professional obligations, no matter how awkward they might be. On Monday night the exes reunited on Jimmy Kimmel Live! ahead of the premiere of their new ABC show ‘The Muppets’.

Kermit and miss PiggyKermit and Miss Piggy are no longer together, but still honouring their chat show commitments.

Host Kimmel didn't waste any time and got straight to the hard questions, asking the pair why they split, especially as “You always seemed so happily unhappy together.” "Well, Piggy and I had a great relationship for many, many years, and we sort of wanted different things," Kermit answered.

“It's the usual laundry list. You know, put the lid down, closing the refrigerator door, not doing that dishes while taking a bath in the sink!” Piggy added. Kimmel then brought up the fact that the couple’s break up made headline news around the world, something which Miss Piggy, of course expected.

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"Anything that happens to me is going to be front page news. I’m sort of like the Donald Trump of love. Everything I do is huge!” Piggy said. "And therein lies some of the problem,” Kermit added (throwing a little shade his ex's way).

Then in a bit of an insensitive moment, Kimmel asked Kermit about the new lady in his life, Denise (also a pig) who works for ABC marketing. "She looks to be young. She looks to be just a little piglet," Kimmel said as a photo of Denise appeared on the screen. ”Well, she's old enough, but not as old as she could be,” Kermit replied.

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As for Miss Piggy, she’s enjoying the single life, going out nearly every night with ‘a new face’. Of course it’s not easy to get a date with the most famous pig in the world. “As much as I date I do have standards,” Piggy said. "I have a rigorous application process before anyone can date me. I wish I had those in place before I met you,” she added, turning to Kermit.

But to help Miss Piggy on her quest for love, Kimmel put together her own Tinder profile which reads, 'Looking for guys into stys, let's get this pig in a blanket!’ Kimmel ended the interview by commenting how nice it was to see the pair together, before asking if there was any chance the two could kiss and make up. "Absolutely not,” they both replied. ‘The Muppets’ premieres on ABC Tuesday September 22nd.