Review of Oh Stacey (Look What you've done) Single by The Zutons

The Zutons
Oh Stacey (Look What you've done)
Single Review

The Zutons Oh Stacey (Look What you've done) Single

You'd be forgiven if you thought that within the first few bars of this song it was going to be a bright and breezy tune but if you look at The Zutons track record over the past couple of singles which has included unrequited love and a boys painful obsession with a girl, then you won't be surprised that Oh Stacey breaks into a rather sad story of death, drink and depression.

Ok so that doesn't sound such a cheery prospect for a song, but despite the storyline these highly talented and lovable scousers manage to make this track quite a catchy tune with their trademark saxophone hook and upbeat tempo. Dave McCabe now sounds a lot stronger and confident vocally, probably due to the amount of gigs and festivals they've been playing lately. He his voice now has a powerful soul / rock edge rather which helps deliver this angst filled musical fable.

Leah Vigon

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