The Zutons
The Refectory, Leeds
Tuesday 16 May 2006

The Zutons

With a recent top ten hit and new album "Tired Of Hanging Around" nearly topping the chart, The Zutons' return hasn't gone unnoticed by the music buying public. Currently in the middle of a huge British tour, the Scouse quintet will be bringing their Merseybeat sound to festivals here and in mainland Europe over the course of the summer.

Upon taking to the stage, the first thing you realise about the band is that there are no rock star pretensions about any of them. Lead singer Dave McCabe pushes the point home with his terrible choice of shirt, but it can't really be held against him, as this is a gig and not a fashion show. A rocking start to the performance, featuring recent single "Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?" and "Don't Ever Think", sets the tone for an evening of quality entertainment. "Pressure Point" ups the intensity, and though "How Does It Feel" mellows the mood, the knees-up that is "Remember Me" soon has the crowd dancing again. There's nothing better than a live band that can reproduce the sound of their records on stage, and The Zutons do this effortlessly. McCabe is also an endearing frontman, humorously dealing with requests for a cover of Take That's "Everything Changes".

The band continue to blend their old songs with the new, with "Hello Conscience" and "Confusion" sitting well together, and "You Will You Won't" has everyone stomping along. The encore consists of "Zuton Fever" and next release "Valerie", before the band finish off their work with a jamming session. With so many songs that beg for audience participation, The Zutons are a wonderful live prospect, and deliver a thoroughly enjoyable performance.

Alex Lai

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