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They Might Be Giants
Podcast Highlights
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They Might Be Giants Podcast Highlights Album

Every now and again you come across a band that are amazing OR a band that are very unique. Well They Might Be Giants are absolutely unique. I can categorically state that there is no other band out there that sounds like these. The one thing that does not surprise me one bit is that this mad lot are from America. Yes that's right it can only happen in America!!!

'Podcast Highlights' is the new album to come from They Might Be Giants and the best way to explain what it sounds like is just madness from start to finish. 'Damn Good Times' is a live track which is one of the better tracks on the album, then there is 'E Eats Everything' which is a remix. Talk about electronic dance sounds, bang this has that, and maybe could do well in the underground dance scene. 'Edison Museum' sounds like something from a tacky old radio broadcast. After 'Hotel Detective In The Future' there is a track straight after that is called 'HDITF Commentary' which is two of the messed up band members pretending to be someone else. On which they're talking about the previous track. Then there is a song about a metal detector and how they take it everywhere they go!!!
The last track is 'Turtle Songs Of North America'. I mean it explains about all the Turtle noises. It sounds like Kevin Spacey is talking through it. What the …. Is that all about, this is not music it is a joke.

This is the maddest thing since Weird Al released his rip off songs. Basically if you are looking for something different then this album is for you, just a word of warning. For me this is something that I wouldn't spend my kind of well-earned money on. But I am interested to find out what these guys are all about.

Mark Moore


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