Tug MCGraw, who passed away in 2004 after a battle with a brain tumour, was a revered relief pitcher for the Mets for nine years, including during the team's triumph at the annual tournament in 1969.

Now, with the Mets back in the big competition, officials asked Tim to throw the ceremonial pitch before the start of game four at Citi Field stadium in Queens, New York.

"This is cool. He would really enjoy this," Tim told Entertainment Tonight. "I've been texting my uncle back and forth since I've arrived - he played for the Mets for a while in the minor league system... My dad debuted in '65 at Wrigley Field with the Mets in Chicago. It's a pretty historical event for all of us."

The singer even owns a gift from his dad that has special ties to the World Series, as Tim explains, "I have a '69 Mercedes that my dad bought with his bonus cheque that he got from the '69 Mets, and I still have that. My little brother Mark had it. We fixed it up, and now I'm driving it."

Prior to arriving in New York, Tim posted a photo on Instagram.com showing himself driving away in the Mercedes, donning a backwards Mets baseball hat and pumping a victorious fist in the air.

He added the caption, "Honored to represent the @mets / MCGraw legacy throwin out the first pitch game 4 tomorrow night."