Tom Daley has launched the second part of his 1896 collection.

The 27-year-old Olympic gold medalist diver - who delighted fans with his poolside knitting during Tokyo 2020 over the summer - launched his Made With Love brand in November, and now he's expanded his debut range.

The 1896 Part II collection introduces the Patch It Up jumber - an asymmetrical patchwork for adults in an oversized fit - as well as matching kits for children and pets.

The range also includes headbands and homewear kits featuring tea pot and mug cosies, plus jumpers and cardigans.

And the updated collection goes further with Made With Love's first ever crochet kits, such as the Crotchet It Like You Mean It Beanie, the Plot Twist Headband and the Crotchet You Stay Blanket.

Meanwhile, designs from the original collection have been evolved and re-imagined into new looks.

In a statement, Tom said: "When I started knitting and crocheting, it was the form of mindfulness that I needed.

"It gave me something to do with my hands when competing so I wasn't focusing on the competition in between dives, and something rewarding to do at home during lockdowns to keep my mind occupied.

"It's no surprise that I love fashion so being able to combine that with my love of knitting and crochet is my dream. I want these kits to be for everyone.

"I want the most experienced crafters to be able to get stuck into a big project, and people who have never picked up a pair of needles to be able to try the hobby that I've loved so much over the past two years."

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