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Paul Weller Had Therapy To Quit Drinking

The former The Jam frontman quit drinking in 2010 after realising he would slump into a dark mood whenever he downed alcohol, and the habit was damaging his relationship with wife Hannah....

Captain Beefheart Art To Go On Show

The star, real name Don Van Vliet, retired from music in 1982 and spent his remaining years as a painter, and now a vast collection of his avant-garde works will be made public...

John Lydon Thrown Off Alcatraz For Smoking

The Sex Pistols frontman visited the famous former federal jail in San Francisco Bay in 1978 hours before what would become the iconic band's final gig, at the city's Winterland Ballroom. He...

Todd Rundgren Signs Up For Bat Out Of Hell Stage Show

Rundgren produced Meat Loaf's seminal 1977 rock album, and songwriter Jim Steinman, who composed the original tracks, is currently working on a stage show based on the record for a West End theatre....

Patti Smith Writes Song For Amy Winehouse

Patti Smith has penned a musical tribute to Amy Winehouse.The 'Because the Night' hitmaker wrote a poem in ode to the British singer following her death in July last year and set the words to...

Gallaghers Never Close On Tour

Liam Gallagher said he never hung around with his brother Noel when they were in Oasis together.The singer insists he and his older sibling never spent any time together when touring as Oasis and insists...

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