Actor William H. Macy is planning a summer bike trek with his Shameless co-stars.
The Wild Hogs star took off with his pals on a ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco earlier this year (12) and wrote about his road trip as part of an article published in the New York Times.
He had so much fun, he's now packing for another trek from his home in Los Angeles to Colorado, where he has a holiday home.
He says, "We're gonna take a long time. We're gonna see all the deep holes in the ground between here and there."
But he insists he won't be spending hours in the saddle: "When you get to my age you stop a lot."
MACy developed a love for the open road on his bike last year (11) when he took a solo trip.
He adds, "I had the best time and there are a lot of people who do this... I'd see this group of bikers coming towards me and they were all on Harleys and they were all dressed in their motorcycle leathers and they've all got tattoos and they looked like a dangerous crowd - and they were all French or German.
"It's a big vacation... They come over here, dress up like outlaws, get on a Harley and take a trip around the Mid-West."
And he admits it's very easy to get caught up in the culture of biking: "I got my Harley (Davidson) and I had an almost uncontrollable urge the second I bought it to get a tattoo... Luckily I talked myself out of it."