Zooey Deschanel and Jonathan Scott aren't rushing their wedding planning.

The 'New Girl' star and her 45-year-old fiance got engaged in August after four years of dating, but he has confirmed that they're taking things slow when it comes to getting everything sorted for their big day.

He told Entertainment Tonight: "You know, things are coming along.

"We're gonna get through the holidays and then we’re going to put our focus on that."

The 'Property Brothers' star insisted the "main thing" for the couple is to make sure their wedding is "a wicked awesome party".

He quipped: "Well, Zooey and I are gonna plan it ourselves, so yeah, we throw some pretty good parties.

"And I think the main thing for us is to throw a wicked awesome party."

Last week, Zooey admitted while the couple "haven't figured anything out" properly for the ceremony, they're enjoying chatting about their plans.

She also told ET: "We're, like, very, like, chill, you know. We haven't figured anything out just yet, but it's fun to, like, talk about."

Jonathan did previously reveal their nuptials will feature bagpipes after his first wife Kelsy Ully banned them for their 2007 wedding.

Thankfully, Zooey is letting him embrace his Scottish heritage by incorporating the instrument into their plans.

Back in October, he told ET: "It should have been a red flag for me, but I'm Scottish. I'm proud of my Scottish heritage."

His previous spouse prohibited the instrument and their wedding, even though they were getting married outdoors by a lake.

He added: "Zooey and I have talked about the stuff that we want to do. She knows the things that are important to me, the things that have hurt me.

"I've had other relationships where the person ended up doing the same thing that hurt me in a previous relationship.

"They knew that that was what happened in a previous life, and they still did it."