Ashley Graham has gotten used to not wearing a bra in lockdown.

The 33-year-old supermodel - who has Isaac, 15 months, with husband Justin Ervin - has mostly been seen donning just a button-up shirt and nothing else amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

She told Oprah Daily: “What the people on the other end of my Zooms couldn’t see is that I was almost always not wearing anything on the bottom.

“You’d be lucky if I put a bra on; I got used to not wearing one, especially knowing I’d be popping a boob out at any given moment to feed Isaac.”

Ashley also embraced her new style for a photoshoot with WSJ magazine, where she only wore a jumper and a bra.

She explained: “Even for a cover story for WSJ. Magazine, I wore a chunky, gorgeous sweater from Khaite over a bra, with nothing on the bottom. I felt very stylish. But would I have worn that look for a photoshoot before the pandemic? Probably not.”

However, Ashley is now adamant about getting back into a routine and putting on jeans as she is determined to not sit in sweatpants.

She added: “Of course, I still have baby weight — let’s be real! But it got to a point where I told myself, ‘Okay girl, you cannot wear sweatpants all the time. It has to only be sometimes.'

“I know my husband doesn’t care at all about what I wear, but it was truly about not wanting to constantly see myself in saggy bottoms anymore. I needed that for me to feel better about me.”

Ashley previously shared how she likes to accentuate her lips when she's taking video meetings.

She said: "If I’m hopping on a Zoom and I’m in a meeting-meeting, I’ll wear make-up. I’ll put on some chunky, beautiful mascara or I’ll do a lip. My favourite is a lip liner by Revlon in Nude, with Brazilian Tan lipstick on top. When you’re on a Zoom, you only kind of see one thing that pops out, so why not my lips?"