Ashley Graham says keeping up a beauty routine during self-isolation is ''important''.

The 32-year-old model is staying at home as much as possible and practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, and has said that despite changes to her daily life, she still maintains her usual skincare routine.

She said: ''While I haven't been wearing makeup every day, I do think that sticking to my routine during this time is important.''

And on some days, Ashley still breaks out her make-up kit, as she says applying the products has helped ''lift [her] mood and spirit''.

She added: ''Last week, I decided to do a full face of makeup using products from the [Revlon] Tropical Vibes collection and it definitely boosted my creativity levels and helped lift my mood and spirit. Even creating a blue eyeliner using the shadow from the palette and applying it for my afternoon video meetings or dinner with my family helps bring some normalcy to this uncertain situation.''

Ashley spends most of her day looking after her two-month-old son Isaac - whom she has with her husband Justin Ervin - but says taking time for ''self-care'' is just as important as ever during the current global health crisis.

Speaking to Refinery29, she said: ''My son Isaac is now my number-one priority and is truly a source of unconditional love and happiness. As mothers, we willingly make a lot of sacrifices for our babies, but it's important for the well-being of our families that we find time for self-care, too.''

Meanwhile, Ashley recently revealed she's been spending her time in self-isolation at her mother's home in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Ashley, Justin, and Isaac usually live in New York City - which has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the US - and so they travelled to Ashley's hometown before the city went into lockdown.

She explained: ''When the news started coming in about the COVID-19 pandemic, my mom decided for us to go back to my hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. She said, 'Well, why don't we just drive. We can go to my house.'

''Everyone was sceptical: 'Drive to Nebraska? That's 20 hours!' But it was actually the right decision for us, because we could spend time not only with her but my husband Justin parents, who met us here a week later. It's been nice to have family around us; we're fortunate enough to have this base. I have my New York coffee mug right in front of me, and I am missing the city and my friends, but I'm glad we came.''