Ashley James is expecting a baby boy.

The former 'Made in Chelsea' star gushed about how ''over the moon'' she and her partner Tom Andrews are to be having a son, whilst she quipped that the unborn tot seems ''healthy and worryingly active''.

She told HELLO!: ''Tommy and I are over the moon to be expecting a baby boy. Our main joy is that the baby is growing as he should be and appears healthy and worryingly active.''

The 33-year-old influencer added how she was sure she's having a little girl and admitted she'd like to give her son a sibling one day.

She added: ''I was so convinced I was having a little girl, perhaps I was somewhat hoping to raise a little feminist with a strong mind? But I know that this little boy will grow up so loved and supported, with great values and the upmost respect for women ... and hopefully he'll make a great big brother one day!''

Ashley announced her pregnancy news last month, and admitted she'd never been ''that maternal'' before, but when she and the 30-year-old tech professional found out they are set to become parents, it ''felt so right''.

In a joint interview with her partner - who she started dating in October after six years of being single - Ashley said: ''From the moment I found out, it felt so right.

''It's been such a 360-degree shift for me.

''I've never been that maternal. When friends have been like: 'I want to meet someone, settle down and have children,' I never felt the same. I guess I've been a free spirit.''

Tom admitted he was ''over the moon'' and couldn't stop grinning when he found out he is set to be a dad.

He said: ''I just started laughing.

''I was so happy as soon as I found out. No part of me felt scared. I'm over the moon about being a dad.''

The DJ - who first met her beau a decade ago - received a Cartier Trinity ring from Tom to ''represent the three of us''.

However, the couple are not planning on getting married.