Audrina Patridge's ex-husband is asking for child support amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The 'Hills' star split from Corey Bohan in 2017 and he has now asked for some of her salary to support their three-year-old daughter Kirra, after he was furloughed from his job as a bartender.

Court documents read: ''Due to the COVID-19 stay at home orders, I was placed on leave from my job and have recently applied for unemployment. I am currently furloughed from my employment and have yet to receive unemployment. I do not receive spousal support or child support from [Patridge] although she earns a significantly higher income than me. It is in the best interest of Kirra for the Court to establish a child support order as she earns a significantly higher income than I do.''

Meanwhile, Audrina previously revealed co-parenting with her ex-husband Corey can be a ''power struggle sometimes''.

The 'Hills: New Beginnings' star explained: ''The biggest struggle with coparenting is probably getting the other parent to agree with you for something that your daughter wants to do, whether it be going to preschool or something that she wants to do, but they don't want her to do it. It's just a power struggle sometimes.''

But the 34-year-old beauty isn't letting her differences with Corey get her down, as she says she's focusing all her energy on her daughter.

She added: ''90 percent of the time, [Kirra's] with me ... We just have this mother-daughter bond, it's very special, and we get each other. I can look at her and know exactly what she's thinking and what is going on.''

Meanwhile, Audrina recently admitted she's now keen to pursue a new romance during season two of the revival.

She shared: ''I guess it's just trying to figure out what to do next, the next chapter. Last season was really hard for me, but now I'm ready. I guess getting back in the dating world. Kind of seeing how that is now - dating. I'm not the type of person to go on dating apps, and I don't go out much, so it's probably going to be through mutual friends or people I know. I have no idea what to expect, but we'll see.''