The first ‘Gotham’ trailer has the internet buzzing as we got our debut glimpse at how the Batman-les, Batman series might look. The head honchos at Fox have been suitably impressed and have already green lit this one for a series of at least 13 episodes. Showing us a pre-Batman Gotham City, the series places Commissioner Gordon as its central character while also telling us the origin stories of a few of our favourite villains. So after viewing the trailer, are we excited to be taking a trip back in time to ‘Gotham'?

Ben McKenzie on Gotham setBen McKenzie plays Jim Gordon

‘Gotham’ will focus on the young Jim Gordon as he rises through the ranks of the crime ridden city's police force. Though Gordon himself is of course a focal point, the trailer lets us know that the future commissioner’s story is far from the only one the series will delve into.

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Everybody loves a villain and ‘Gotham’ promises to be villains abound with Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman and Poison Ivy all being explicitly named in the trailer. But these villains wont be appearing as you know them, they will have their background explored showing us who they were before they became infamous. In the trailer, Robin Taylor’s Penguin gets the most screen time so we’d expect him to be one of the first villains the show will feature prominently.

Watch the 'Gotham' traielr here:

Then there’s poor little Bruce Wayne. The trailer shows us the familiar story of how Wayne became an orphan. We get to know that the crime became a catalyst for a change in Gotham, for the worst. We hear the young Wayne’s piercing scream vocalising the abundant pain which would eventually lead him to become the caped crusader. But we also see that Gordon will play a pivotal role in guiding Bruce during his early years. Although that part might not fit in with many fan’s idea of how Bruce became Batman it does look as if to be an important part of this television reinvention of the story.

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From the looks of it, ‘Gotham’ will be following in the footsteps of ‘Arrow’, bringing a dark and gritty realism to the Batman story, The idea of focusing on character origins should be enough to bring in new fans and keep the die hard Batman lovers happy. The trailer immediately makes ‘Gotham’ seem exciting, mysterious and thoroughly engaging.

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