Billy Bob Thornton returns as the world's worst Santa Claus in 'Bad Santa 2' this week, thirteen years after the release of the original movie. Naturally, old Willie Soke is as crude as he ever was, even if he's trying to live life on the straight and narrow these days.

Bad Santa 2Billy Bob Thornton stars in Bad Santa 2

Christmas is a time for cheesy movies with inspirational messages about love and family; 'A Christmas Carol', 'It's A Wonderful Life', 'Miracle on 34th Street' - you get the picture. After a while it can get a bit sickly, and that's when you need a flick that's not afraid to tell it like it is. Enter 'Bad Santa' and it's sequel 'Bad Santa 2'. Appealing for it's seamless blend of comedy and drama - something that Billy Bob has the perfect analogy for.

'If you have a bowl of ice cream and you cover it up with a pound and a half of hot fudge, that's too much', he explains. 'But if you have a bowl of ice cream with about two scoops of hot fudge it's just right.'

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Personally, we don't know how you can possibly have too much hot fudge, but we see what he's trying to say. 'These days it seems that movies have to be one thing or the other. If you have a drama it has to be over-earnest and if you have a comedy it has to be just completely wacky', he says. 'The great movies that we loved growing up were always a culmination of all those things.'

For those who haven't seen the first movie, it's about a professional thief named Willie and his friend Marcus who dress up as Santa and his Elf at a local department store every year just so they can rob it at night. By the end of the movie, Marcus has betrayed him and been thrown in jail, while Willie has a new lease of life and a lifelong friend in young Thurman Merman. 

These days he's still a sex addict and an alcoholic, but he has been trying to keep away from crime - that is until the return of his old friend. But whatever Marcus has in store for Willie, it surely won't cause him as much trouble as the arrival of his vicious mother Sunny. 

'Bad Santa 2' is in theaters now.