Brandi Glanville's fear of elevators has given her a ''great butt''.

The 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star always takes the stairs when she is moving between floors as she's terrified of hopping in lifts for fear of getting trapped inside, but she believes her phobia has benefited her behind.

She explained: ''I'm very blessed with a great butt, but I have to work out. I always take the stairs - also because elevators scare the s**t out of me. I work out three times a week. And if I have a bit to lose, I'll get up and put my ankle weights straight on and walk around in them all day.''

Brandi's healthy lifestyle doesn't stop there as she likes to keep on top of her diet by making sure she eats small portions and sticks to clean meals but she admits her guilty pleasure is, and always will be, fast food.

She said: ''I don't diet, but I try not to eat a ton. I often fluctuate, like, five pounds, and I know when I need to get it off. I'll eat smaller portions and try to stay away from my favourite fast foods, which is hard.

Although, the blonde beauty - who has sons Mason, 11, and Jake, seven, with her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian - would love to have bigger legs as she's feels they're comparable to ''skinny bird legs.''

She added to Australia's NW magazine: ''My legs are always skinny, but I always gain weight in the middle. Even when I was pregnant I had skinny bird legs. Big legs are kind of in style now, I'm like, 'What happened?' ''