Jamie Dornan

'50 Shades' of Shambles: Where do we begin? Leading man Charlie Hunnam AKA Christian Grey, walks out of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, citing "an immersive schedule," Dakota Johnson starts feeling uneasy and Irish actor Jamie Dornan is the current favorite to step in...for about the next minute probably. Click to find out who Jamie Dornan is.

Bye Bye 'Glee': Not only have Glee fans had to contend with having to wave a sad farewell to the deceased Cory Monteith's Finn Hudson in an emotional memorial episode last week; the show's co-creator Ryan Murphy has announced that after one more season, Glee will be no more. Read Ryan Murphy's explanation.

Amanda Knox Movie Signs Up Cara Delevingne & Kate Beckinsale: Yes indeed: there's a Michael Winterbottom movie in the works based on a horrific murder case that is still ongoing. Model Cara Delevingne has miraculously landed herself the main role in The Face of an Angel whilst Kate Beckinsale will play a journalist following the case. Find out who else is involved.

Transformers 4 Poster

Optimus Crime - Michael Bay Assaulted In Hong Kong: Transformers director Michael Bay was the victim of a scary attack whilst filming the fourth movie in the franchise. He was approached on set by two brothers who have now been arrested on suspicion of blackmail and assault. The men, thought to be angry that they'd missed out on 'disturbance fees,' walloped Bay and demanded £8,000. More on the story here.

Ed Lauter Dies: Legendary film actor and type-casted thug Ed Lauter has sadly passed away at 74 after developing a rare form of cancer. Read more about Lauter's life and legacy here. The talented actor and impressionist appeared in over 100 movies, including 2011's Oscar-winning The Artist. RIP.

Captain Phillips Washes Into Cinemas: The Paul Greengrass-directed, Tom Hanks-starring biopic Captain Phillips has opened in both UK and US cinemas after a tidal wave of critical acclaim. The unbearably tense true story stars Hanks as a cargo ship captain in the midst of a terrifying Somali pirate attack. Watch the trailer here.

Peter Capaldi

'Doctor Who' Bonanza: Nine lost Doctor Who episodes have been retrieved from the dusty storeroom of a Nigerian TV company, including the 1968 fan-favourite 'The Web of Fear,' starring second Doctor Peter Troughton and some eerie-looking yetis. Check out the full, incredible story here. The BBC sci-fi drama prepares for its Christmas regeneration where  will take over from Matt Smith. Distinguished gent Capaldi has already been shopping for his 12th Doctor outfit, according to writer Steven Moffat.

Miley Takes It To The Top: Perma-tonguing twerker and headline botherer Miley Cyrus has given the metaphorical finger to her 'haters' by shooting to the top of the Billboard 200 with her latest album Bangerz, as well as topping the UK singles and albums chart. Miley made waves with her raunchy routine at the MTV VMAs but her chart success shows she's more than hot air. Click to read more.

Video Of The Week - Danny Trejo Brings A Machete To The 'Machete Kills' Premiere: His latest film may have been slated as overblown and ridiculous by critics, but it seems like we can't resist the magnetic pull of Danny Trejo and his gravelly voice. The actor rocked up at the Machete Kills premiere in Miami this week wielding a toy machete and posing menacingly. Check out the clip here. Starring Sofia Vergara, Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard and Mel Gibson: watch the 'Machete Kills' trailer here.