Cheryl Cole wants to look ''balanced and feminine'', says celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson.

The former Girls Aloud star, 30, has been working with the fitness entrepreneur for years because she wanted to get ''in touch'' with her body.

Tracy told new! magazine: ''She's been a client for years. She's a beautiful girl and so talented. She wanted to be smart with her body, and to look balanced and feminine and in touch with her body.

''She really didn't have much to transform. She's a beautiful girl.''

Tracy's workouts are specific to the needs of each of her clients and for Cheryl she created a routine where the star was able to work on her muscles in a bid to tone up before doing exercises to improve her cardio.

Tracy added: ''She did my method, which consists of up to 13 different movements and sequences that change every ten days. They are customised to every person. Cheryl does the muscle and structure work and then she does the cardio.''