Father’s rights group Fathers4Justice interrupted a live broadcast of ITV daytime show ‘Loose Women’ today, forcing the programme off-air temporarily. Two members of the group crashed the set, during a segment which featured Coleen Nolan discussing her weight loss with guest Dan Hooper.

Coleen Nolan‘Loose Women’ presenter Coleen Nolan.

As Hooper was speaking voices could be heard shouting: "Fathers For Justice, no kids no cash!” One of the presenters was then heard saying "Oh, hello,” to the men who were off camera. The show’s live transmission was then cut and replaced by an image of the 'Loose Women' logo.

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On their website Fathers4Justice said that the two protesters, Jason Appleyard and Adam Orriss, ‘waved white y-fronts printed in purple with the words ‘Pants To The CSA’ and threw £20 notes in the air before being dragged away by security.’

According to the group, the peaceful protest marked the launch of a boycott of the child support system until fathers are given equal rights. As to why they chose to target ‘Loose Women’, they said the show had been guilty of ‘repeatedly denigrating men and ‘reverse sexism’ and the day before guest Caprice Bourret had said, ‘Men are very simple creatures’, to laughter from fellow panelists.

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Following the protest, a spokesperson for the ITV show commented: ”The show was briefly interrupted today, by three members of the audience who were making a peaceful protest. The matter was dealt with swiftly as security removed them from the audience.”