Coleen Nolan feared she was facing a cancer battle last year (10) after finding a lump in her breast.
Her siblings Bernie, Linda and Anne have all previously fought the disease, with Bernie celebrating in October (10) after receiving the all-clear following surgery.
Coleen, the youngest singing sister of the band The Nolans, now admits she faced her own scare in the past 12 months - and was terrified of battling the disease after doctors diagnosed a "faulty gene" within the family.
She tells Scotland's Daily Record, "The geneticist says there may be some kind of unknown rogue gene if three sisters have had the disease. Those two faulty genes they know about are two of millions of genes out there. Before the test results came back negative, we discussed the possibility of testing me. If I'd tested positive for the faulty gene, I'd have had a mastectomy."
Thankfully Nolan's lump was benign, but now the TV star has a check-up every three months to ensure she remains healthy.
She adds, "I'm very vigilant. God forbid, if they ever do find something, they'll find it in time. I have three kids and I don't want to live with that over my head. Every time you go for a check-up, you think, 'Oh please God let it be all right'.
"When you come from a big family and someone gets cancer, you all just close ranks and promise to be there for them."