Coleen Nolan almost lost her fingers in a freak accident at a riding stables on Friday (24Sep10) when a horse crushed her hand against a door.
The Nolans singer was spending the day at an equestrian centre near her home in Manchester, England when she noticed a distressed horse with its head collar stuck on a door lock.
But when Nolan went to release the animal, it reared and smashed her hand against the door, breaking her fingers.
The star is now recovering at home, but she fears she may have to undergo surgery to correct the damage.
She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "My middle finger is very crooked so I'm worried they'll need to do surgery and I'll be in a sling for weeks. I'm right-handed so I'm struggling to do anything. And the pain is still terrible. I'm eating painkillers...
"He was clearly distressed so I tried to lift the collar free. But he reared up with all his strength, crushing my hand. I could hear the bones in my hand crack. I thought he was going to pull my fingers off or yank my arm out of its socket.
"I think he would have done too, except the door smashed open, freeing my hand. I knew instantly my fingers were broken. The middle one was hanging half an inch lower than the others. The doctor said I was lucky not to have lost my fingers."