Cypress Hill star BOBO can't be trusted with the band's marijuana supply when he's on tour - because he often forgets where he's stashed it.
The hip-hop star admits he has twice been apprehended by customs officials after they find clues to his heavy drug use in his passport - he once used the document as a wallet for a joint.
The forgetful star says, "I had a customs guy open my passport, and a roach falls out. I forgot it was there. It's not really smart for me to hold weed."
And bandmate B-Real tells Hustler magazine his pal's forgetful nature almost landed them all in big trouble in France.
He recalls, "The officials took us all off the bus to reach it. They asked for our passports, and Bobo opened his passport, and there is a ball of hash stuck to his face on the picture in the passport. The French guy was like, 'What is this?'"