Stoner icons Cypress Hill are looking to cash in on the "inevitable" legalisation of marijuana in their native California by preparing to open their own dispensaries.
The hip-hop trio, who are among the celebrities leading the charge for the legalisation of the drug, insist it won't be too long before state lawmakers agree to allow weed lovers to smoke up a storm in special cigar store-like businesses, and Cypress Hill want to be a part of the explosion of 'hash houses'.
Bandmate B-Real tells Hustler magazine, "They have to figure out where you'll be able to purchase it (marijuana). I don't think it will be available in a normal liquor store right away. I think it will stay in (medical) dispensaries, but the dispensaries will change to being more like cigar shops.
"Then you'll see a Cypress Hill Shop. We're looking towards that now... We're going to be involved in some capacity."