Hip-hop heavyweights Cypress Hill were stunned when Marc Anthony agreed to join them in the studio for a new track - because they thought the "Latin Frank Sinatra" would have nothing to do with them.
Producer pal Jim Johnson suggested the singer for the band's new tune Armada Latina, but they didn't hold out much hope - until Anthony actually showed up a week later.
Frontman B-Real says, "I said, 'Get the f**k outta here, he's not going to do it. We're Cypress Hill. We're weedheads. They'll never let him do it.'
"(But) sure enough, he was at the studio the next week knocking it down and telling us what a big fan he was. For a singer of his caliber... to take a chance being on a track with us is a great thing."
The rapper is grateful Anthony didn't show up with his wife Jennifer Lopez - because the group wouldn't have been able to get anything done.
B-Real adds, "I would have been unable to concentrate. It's a good thing he didn't (bring her)... How do you concentrate with her around? How does he concentrate?"
Bandmate Sen Dog adds, "She called when Marc was in the studio and her put her on speakerphone. She said hi to everybody."