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Jonathan Majors Cast In Magazine Dreams

Jonathan Majors will star in 'Magazine Dreams'.The 32-year-old actor has boarded the cast of the new bodybuilding drama that will be written and directed by Elijah Bynum.The movie tells the story of an amateur bodybuilder...

Dan Gilroy To Direct Faster, Cheaper, Better

Dan Gilroy is set to direct 'Faster, Cheaper, Better'.The 60-year-old filmmaker is set to helm the new movie which shows how artificial intelligence has changed the world.Dan, whose previous credits include Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Nightcrawler', will...

Dan Gilroy Accused Of Stealing Nightcrawler Plot

Director Dan Gilroy has been accused of copyright infringement amid allegations he stole the plot of his Oscar-nominated movie Nightcrawler from a Utah filmmaker.Richard Dutcher filed a lawsuit in Salt Lake City's U.S. District Court...

Nightcrawler Offers A New Antihero In Jake Gyllenhaal's Eerily Stunning Performance

Critics are comparing Jake Gyllenhaal to Robert De Niro for his committed performance in the creep-out thriller 'Nightcrawler'. This isn't just because he lost 30 pounds to play the part, or that he injured his...

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Sad That He'll Never Get To Do Another 'Nightcrawler' Scene

With his new crime thriller 'Nightcrawler', Jake Gyllenhaal put a lot of himself into bringing a particularly unsettling character to life, namely by losing a lot of weight. But what was it about this movie...

Jake Gyllenhaal Says Society Is Complicit In 'Nightcrawling'

Jake Gyllenhaal says almost everybody in society ought to relate to his new movie 'Nightcrawlers'.The eagerly-awaited film concerns those people who monitor police scanners and then race to crime scenes to film eye-catching incidents before...

Jake Gyllenhaal Receives High Praise For 'Nightcrawler'

Jake Gyllenhaal's performance in Nightcrawler has been highly praised by critics ahead of the film's US and UK release.Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler.Read More: Author Claims To Be Son Of Zodiac Killer - Remember The Movie?Nightcrawler...

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