Dan Gilroy is set to direct 'Faster, Cheaper, Better'.

The 60-year-old filmmaker is set to helm the new movie which shows how artificial intelligence has changed the world.

Dan, whose previous credits include Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Nightcrawler', will adapt from his own script and is currently in the process of casting for the project.

The character-driven flick is set over 20 years and follows a foreman, a young entrepreneur, an indoor farm executive and tech billionaire whose lives are changes as AI transforms the world.

Dan admits that he has a keen interest in technology and machinery and believes that the world is unaware of the societal impact AI will have.

He told Deadline: ''It's a big multi-narrative film, set over two decades in multiple locales.

''We follow a group of inter-connected characters, as they deal with automation and AI changing their world, particularly the work world.

''I've always been interested in machines and technology and fairly recently how automation and AI are just profoundly transforming the workplace.

''I realised when I started doing the research that this is just the beginning of a transformational era we are about to enter into, where automation and AI are really the employment equivalent of climate change. And how utterly unprepared we are as people, and as a world, for what is coming.''

Gilroy added: ''To capture the scope of it, I wrote a large scale, multi-narrative film that's very character driven, because that's what I do.

''Every person on the planet is going to be affected by this, profoundly. The backdrop is tech, but it's a very human story with drama, suspense and humour and spectacle.''