Danny O'Donoghue rejected Cameron Diaz.

The 'Never Seen Anything Quite Like You' hitmaker was told by the Hollywood star's assistant that the 42-year-old actress was keen on having his number but he refused because he was dating Irma Mali at the time.

He told Sunday World: ''We both appeared on The Today Show in New York. Her assistant told me Cameron wanted my number. I had a girlfriend [Irma] at the time so I thought it might be a bit weird to hand my number out.

''So I said no. I would have bitten her hand off if I hadn't been dating someone. I'm kicking myself.''

Since their appearance, Cameron has gone on to marry one half of The Madden Brothers, Benji Madden.

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old singer recently admitted he even turned to dating app Tinder to find a potential match but was left unsuccessful when women refused to believe it was actually him.

He said: ''I was joking around with being on Tinder... but no one believes it's me. [My dream girl is] probably watching now and thinking 'Oh my God, it was true.'''

Danny's bandmate Mark Sheehan added: ''He put his own face on it [account], he was honest and tried to get a date but people didn't believe it was him.''