Nearly two months after his death, David Cassidy's estate have found themselves slapped with unexpected unpaid legal costs that the singer incurred over the last few years. They have been forced to post objections to several lawyers' claims for costs that amount to more than $120,000.

David Cassidy performing liveDavid Cassidy performing live

A Florida law firm named Rodier & Rodier claims that David Cassidy still owes them $102,834 in unpaid debts that amount from when his bankruptcy was dismissed in 2015. They had originally sued him in 2013, according to The Blast.

'David filed for bankruptcy a couple of years ago', a representative for the deceased singer told People. 'That bill was part of the bankruptcy.'

Meanwhile, another lawyer named Damaso W. Saavedra is trying to claim $19,006.02 for unpaid legal work. David Cassidy's estate is objecting to both claims, with a representative allegedly giving both claimants just 30 days to take legal action against them before the case can be dismissed without a court order.

If the situation is taken to court and the estate are forced to pay up, it could spell disaster for his family. According to his will, he only had $150,000 in assets, which he left to his son 26-year-old Beau after his death in November.

'The Partridge Family' star passed away at the age of 67, three days after he was rushed to hospital with liver and kidney failure which ultimately killed him. He also announced earlier that year that he was living with dementia.

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His life has been fraught with pain thanks to his long-time dependence on alcohol; the reason for much of the legal troubles David faced in his life. His divorced from wife Sue Shifrin in 2014 would have also been a huge strain on his bank balance and indeed it was only a year later that he filed for bankruptcy.