Movie veteran Debbie Reynolds is using her daughter Carrie Fisher's American chat show to reveal her deepest, darkest secrets - some even her family didn't know about.

The actress, 71, had previously refused to take part in her daughter's show CONVERSATIONS FROM THE EDGE but has now decided the time is right to come clean about her awful childhood.

On the emotionally-charged show, which airs on America's Oxygen cable channel, Reynolds reveals she was once locked in a closet by her mother and was kidnapped by her neighbours as a toddler.

She tells the Star Wars actress, "I was five years old and they were 19. They took me on a long drive into Mexico. I don't think they wanted money.

"It's a very bad story. Ever since that, daddy always wanted me home by 10.30pm - and he would be standing outside in his pyjamas with a real shotgun."

15/05/2003 17:30