MCFLY star Dougie Poynter has become an ambassador for the World Wide Fund for Nature (Wwf) to back a new campaign to save African mountain gorillas.

The British pop star recently flew to Africa to record a film for the organisation in a bid to raise awareness of the dangers facing the species, which has been threatened with extinction due to poachers, disease, and loss of habitat.

Poynter is supporting a new drive to encourage nature-lovers to 'adopt' a gorilla to raise funds to protect them.

In the footage, posted on, the star is seen trekking through the jungle and observing the creatures in the wild.

He says, "It's been incredible... it's been one of those things that I will never ever forget... The biggest thing that I've learnt is that although these creatures are massive and so powerful, they are just incredibly fragile. Adopting a gorilla with Wwf is the best way to protect them and to secure their future."

A statement from Wwf reads, "Dougie is supporting the launch of a new Wwf mountain gorilla adoption which will help raise funds to protect the last two remaining populations of the species. As part of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (Igcp) Wwf is working to protect the gorillas, their habitats and the local communities who live alongside them."