Ella Eyre felt ''honoured'' to follow in Beyonce's footsteps and become the face of Emporio Armani Diamonds.

The 'Gravity' hitmaker admitted she was ''flattered'' to be asked to front the fragrance but didn't feel nervous about taking over from the superstar.

She said: ''It wasn't a case of filling her shoes. I'm honoured to be in the same line-up as her and didn't feel threatened or scared.''

However, the raven-haired beauty confessed she found filming the sultry ad for the scent, which features her kissing a hunky male model, quite challenging.

She told the Metro newspaper: ''He made me feel very comfortable but kissing a stranger with 20 people in the room was new experience to me.''

The 21-year-old singer was handpicked to front the fragrance by the brand's founder, Giorgio Armani, because of her unique ''style and personality''.

She previously confessed she felt confident when it came to meeting the 80-year-old fashion designer as she had been kitted out in designer clothing for the encounter.

She said: ''I've known for a while but I haven't been able to tell anybody.

''Georgio Armani himself approached me as he liked my style and personality. We went for sushi at Nobu, it was really exciting.

''I wasn't nervous about what to wear because the people kitted me out in their clothes.''

Ella - who is signed to agency Models 1 - works hard to stay in shape and has confessed to cutting meat out of her diet and exercising ''loads'' to maintain her trim figure.

She explained: ''I've just turned 21 and I know that's not old, but I'm becoming more aware of my body and how I want to maintain it and look after myself in general.

''Now I don't eat meat and I only eat fish. I eat well and work out loads. I've got a personal trainer and me and my band on tour train quite a lot.

''I always take make-up off when I go to bed and I've been drinking loads of water - loads more than I used to. You see the difference when you start to get healthy.''