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25th July 2016

Fact: A guitar previously owned by rock icon Eric Clapton has sold at auction for $45,000 (£34,320), more than double its estimated value. The 2014 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar was one of the top draws at the Heritage Auctions event in Dallas, Texas over the weekend (22-24Jul16), when the instrument was purchased via phone by an anonymous buyer. The funds raised will help Asleep at the Wheel country musician Johnny Nicholas pay the medical fees from his late wife's recent leukaemia battle.

19th May 2015

Fact: The added extras on Rolling Stones' upcoming STICKY FINGERS album re-release include a recording of Eric Clapton performing the band's Brown Sugar at a birthday party.

4th May 2015

Fact: John Mayer, Jimmie Vaughan, Derek Trucks and Doyle Bramhall were among the stars who helped Eric Clapton belatedly celebrate his 70th birthday at the second of two Madison Square Garden shows in New York on Sunday night (03May15). After wowing fans with hits like Tears From Heaven and Cocaine, the guitar great told the audience, "I want to thank you for helping me celebrate. This is the best birthday I ever had." Clapton turned 70 in March (15).

12th March 2015

Fact: Eric Clapton will celebrate his 70th birthday with two shows at New York's Madison Square Garden. The gigs will mark the guitar great's 46th and 47th appearances at the fabled venue since he helped open the 'new' MSG in 1968. Paul Carrack, Steve Gadd, Nathan East, Chris Stainton, Sharon White and Michelle John will join Clapton onstage for the shows on 1 and 2 May (15). The rocker turns 70 on 30 March (15).

18th July 2014

Quote: "It would be a pity if Eric retires, because... he really plays good! But he's that kind of guy, Eric. I can see him saying, 'I'm going to retire.' He's kind of a homebody in essence... I remember him joking about how I stand up for the whole show. He said, 'I sit down.' That's a blues player thing. But he's just too good a player. I would say to him, 'Yeah, by all means, sit down, Eric. But don't retire'." Sir Paul McCartney urges Eric Clapton not to hang up his guitar after the rocker suggested he was ready to quit music last month (Jun14).

17th July 2014

Quote: "I'm just lazy. When I get to, 'What am I going to do for that bit?' I stop and turn on the Tv. I'm easily distracted. What I've done a lot is written songs, then forgotten them. I put them down as a voice memo, on my phone, then I lose the memo." Rock icon Eric Clapton insists he's not the prolific songwriter many fans think he is.

16th July 2014

Quote: "The fight to stay healthy - to be agile and energetic... - gets harder all the time. Most evenings, if I'm not playing, I'm watching Tv and in bed by 10." Eric Clapton is serious about his plans to retire from the road.

16th July 2014

Quote: "I had always gone out with guys who were highly successful, which would seem like it would put me at an equal level. But what ends up happening is that one of you becomes smaller - and it was always me. It's always the woman. I mean, I don't know if it's always the woman, but I do think sometimes in order for one person's light to shine, everyone else has to dim theirs." Singer Sheryl Crow never felt like an equal in her high-profile relationships with stars like Eric Clapton, actor Owen Wilson and disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.

14th March 2014

Fact: Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and Dr. John will join blues legend JohnNY WINTER in the studio for his second album of classic covers. ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons, Ben Harper and Aerosmith star Joe Perry will also guest on the follow-up to Winter's 2011 album Roots.

14th January 2014

Fact: Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, Phish and Christina Aguilera will head up the talent at this year's (14) New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The four acts will be joined by Arcade Fire, Santana, Vampire Weekend, Robert Plant, Public Enemy and John Fogerty, among others at the 45th annual music event, which will take place in Louisiana over two weekends in April and May (14).

1st March 2013

Quote: "I wrote him a letter, saying, 'Thank you - you make me want to play again.'" Eric Clapton is a big fan of new blues sensation Gary Clark, Jr.

4th December 2012

Fact: Eric Clapton and Coldplay have been added to the star-studded line-up for the 12.12.12. The Concert for Sandy Relief at New York's Madison Square Garden next week (12Dec12). They will join the likes of Sir Paul MCCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Jon Bon Jovi on the bill for the big gig, which will raise funds for the recovery effort following America's superstorm Sandy.

31st January 2012

Fact: British funnyman Russell Brand interviewed Beatles legend Ringo Starr for a special radio broadcast in Hollywood on Monday (30Jan12). The pair chatted about George Harrison and Eric Clapton during SiriusXM's Town Hall show.

24th January 2012

Fact: Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder make appearances on Paul MCCartney's new album, Kisses on the Bottom.

15th September 2011

Fact: Eric Clapton turned wedding singer on Saturday (10Sep11) when he entertained guests at his daughter Ruth's reception. The bride married Dean Bartlett in Surrey, England, where proud dad Clapton walked her down the aisle.

25th July 2011

Fact: A yellow Ferrari once owned by rocker Eric Clapton has sold for $106,000 (£66,500) at auction. The rare 2003 Ferrari 575 Maranello, which was bought new by the guitarist, was purchased by a private buyer on Saturday (23Jul11).

28th June 2010

Fact: Hollywood actor Bill Murray entertained attendees at pal Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday (26Jun10) when he took to the stage in a full Elvis Presley costume. The star, who hosted the event, emerged between sets dressed in an Elvis-style white jumpsuit, complete with sunglasses and a large glittering medallion to pay tribute to the King, before introducing John Mayer to the stage.

31st March 2010

Fact: Eric Clapton turned 65 on Wednesday (30Mar10), but he's showing no signs of slowing down. The veteran guitarist celebrated the milestone by announcing he's to play the world's largest music festival - the 11-day Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - on June 28 (10).

12th January 2010

Quote: "Mention the word Yardbirds to Eric and he'll turn purple. I don't know why. They didn't serve him badly." Jeff Beck insists tourmate Eric Clapton doesn't have fond memories of his time in the 60s supergroup. Beck replaced Clapton in the band.

1st September 2009

Fact: Eric Clapton has boosted U.S. comedian Jay Leno's star power as he returns to TV this month (Sep09) - the rocker will perform with Bruce Hornsby and his band the Noisemakers during the inaugural week of the new Jay Leno Show. The premiere of the hotly-anticipated programme on 14 September (09) will feature Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld will be Leno’s first guest.

28th May 2009

Quote: "I'm just a guitar player and a minimal singer." Eric Clapton on his limited talents.

15th April 2009

Quote: "I never took Mick Jagger seriously. I always thought he was a friend. When he was pursuing me I just thought he was kidding." Eric Clapton and George Harrison's ex-wife PATTIE BOYD never fell for the ROLLING STONE's charms.

27th December 2008

Fact: Rock fans can own a piece of their hero's history - bracelets made from old guitar strings used by legends including Keith Richards and Eric Clapton have gone on sale in aid of charity. Staff at New York-based Wear Your Music make the wristbands to order, costing $500 (GBP340) each.

4th December 2008

Quote: "It was a suit of armour. I did enjoy becoming ELTON. I was so happy to change my name. You know if you're ever going to make a record, you know REG DWIGHT isn't going to make it. I wanted something very American and something original. Eric Clapton called me Reg for a long time. Eventually I plucked up the courage to ask him to stop." SIR Elton John on shedding his birth name REGINALD KENNETH DWIGHT.

27th November 2008

Fact: Eric Clapton's lavish luxury yacht, Va Bene, was once owned by Formula One motor racing boss BERNIE ECCLESTON.

15th October 2008

Fact: Swedish rock guitarist YNGWIE MALMSTEEN has joined the likes of Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton and Elvis Presley in Hollywood's RockWalk after being inducted into the hall of fame on Monday (13Oct08).

24th December 2007

Quote: "Ike Turner could play circles around Eric Clapton, and Eric knows that." Music mogul Phil Spector in paying his respects to the late IKE TURNER at the rocking bluesman's California funeral on Friday (21Dec07).

30th November 2007

Fact: Robbie Williams' hit song ANGELS has been knocked from first to third place in a poll of Europe's top songs played at weddings. The tune has been overtaken by Eric Clapton's WONDERFUL TONIGHT and The Police's EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE.

14th November 2007

Quote: "In the lowest moment of my life, the only reason I didn't commit suicide was that I knew I wouldn't be able to drink anymore if I was dead." Writing in his new book CLAPTON: THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY, rocker Eric Clapton reveals the one-time extent of his alcoholism.

2nd November 2007

Quote: "I've always wanted to work with Eric Clapton, but I'm sure he doesn't even know who I am." Country star Brad Paisley sells himself short.

14th October 2007

Quote: "I mean I had an addictive nature and it was there before. It was there in sugar. I mean, I was hooked on sugar from day one as a kid." Eric Clapton is convinced he was destined to be a drug addict.

11th October 2007

Quote: "There were thousands of letters for me to read, written from all over the world. One of the first I opened was from Keith Richards; it just said, 'If there's anything I can do, just let me know.' I'll always be grateful for that." Eric Clapton was touched by a letter from ROLLING STONE Richards after the tragic death of his four-year-old son CONOR.

6th October 2007

Fact: Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton is nearly deaf, but refuses to wear a hearing aid.

31st July 2007

Quote: "I can't tell, from just listening, the difference between Coldplay and U2. They sound the same." Veteran rocker Eric Clapton doesn't think much of the British and Irish music scene.

14th July 2007

Fact: Aerosmith's ARMAGEDDON anthem DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING has beaten Eric Clapton's WONDERFUL TONIGHT and Elton John's YOUR SONG to top a new U.K. online poll to find the nation's Favourite Wedding Tune.

14th June 2007

Fact: Guitar legend Eric Clapton is set to earn $1.5million (GBP750,000) when he plays a 70-minute concert for wealthy Wall Street executive Raymond T. Dallo next month (Jul07).

18th November 2006

Quote: "When I was struggling with the Seventies guitar-hero hype, he was the light in the darkness. He led me to another path, of finding integrity in the groove." Eric Clapton has high praise for his personal guitar hero JJ CALE, who he partners with on new album, THE ROAD TO ESCONDIDO.

4th October 2006

Quote: "I mean, there was a time when the first thing I'd look for in a hotel room was the minibar. And I'd empty it within half an hour. And then, 'What am I gonna do now?' When I compare that kind of thinking to what I have today, I'll probably go into the minibar and get the nuts, you know. And then I'll eat all the nuts and think, 'What am I gonna do now?'" Eric Clapton on the difference between staying in hotels as a alcoholic and staying in hotels in his current sober state.

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