Eva Green thinks high heels are ''anti-feminist''.

The 39-year-old movie star - whose mother is actress Marlene Jobert - hates wearing the height-boosting shoes and insists they make women look like ''birds on stilts'' and that she values ''comfort too much'' to wear them.

Speaking about her personal style, Eva shared: ''My mother would tell you - I should know how to do my hair, to make an effort. I ought to wear more colours, to be more of a woman, but I like comfort too much.

''High heels just feel really anti-feminist to me, we're like birds on stilts.''

Eva plays an astronaut mother in the drama film 'Proxima', which also features Matt Dillon.

And the acclaimed actress has admitted to being wowed by the female astronauts she met while shooting the movie.

Eva told the summer issue of Town & Country magazine: ''They're like superheroes, these people.

''They speak five or six languages, they have to be good at everything physically, they sacrifice themselves. They're almost like saints - it's a religion, wanting to explore the unknown.''

The 'Casino Royale' star also found the female astronauts to be noticeably more focused on their roles than their male counterparts.

She explained: ''The male astronauts will automatically show you pictures of their children and partners, but the women usually don't, because it would distract them from the mission.

''They are so strong, it's difficult to see the cracks in the armour.''

Meanwhile, Eva is currently living in London and revealed she'd like to get a British passport one day.

Speaking about her experience of living in the UK capital, the actress - who was born in France - shared: ''I feel very calm here. I've got a British driving licence, which is a miracle.

''I'd like to get a passport. When you're born somewhere, you're spoilt and you don't see the beauty of it. In London, there's more space and parks and nature.''

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