Eva Green is relieved Harvey Weinstein is in jail.

The 39-year-old actress' mother previously revealed the disgraced movie mogul had attempted to assault the 'Casino Royale' star in a hotel room when she was beginning her career, and though Eva has never spoken about the incident, she has praised his victims for coming forward and reliving their ordeals in order to see justice served.

She said: ''I am grateful that justice has been served. I praise the brave women who risked so much in coming forward, not only their careers and reputations, but the pain that they have suffered in having to relive being raped in order to put this sexual predator out of harm's way. Their courage has changed the world.''

The 'Proxima' actress is pleased dynamics have changed within the movie industry to bring women to the forefront but she thinks it's meant men have had to take a lot of ''hits''.

She said: ''It is good, and there is still more to do. It is so radical - for men it is very hard, they take so many hits. There are very good men.''

One of Eva's favourite men is her 'Dumbo' director Tim Burton, though she has denied persistent rumours of a romance between them.

She told the Telegraph magazine: ''My dream as a child, and later on, was always to work with him. I love his world. He is such a nice person as well.''

Meanwhile, Eva previously admitted Weinstein's fall from grace is a ''miracle''.

She said: ''He was like a god. He could make you, destroy you. You think, maybe something will change -- I could win an Oscar! So the first time you meet him you feel privileged. But what happened [to him] is a miracle. There is justice. But you know, there are a***holes everywhere, in every field.''