Rapper Flo Rida is contesting a legal ruling in Australia after he was ordered to pay $432,704 (£279,164) to the organisers of a music festival Down Under for allegedly failing to show up.

The hip-hop star was sued by bosses behind the Fat as Butter music festival after he was allegedly handed a $55,000 (£35,484) advance and then missed the event in New South Wales in 2011 due to transport issues.

Flo Rida, real name Tramar Dillard, failed to respond to the legal action, so a judge ordered him to hand back his expenses, as well as damages and legal fees.

The star's attorneys are now appealing the judgement, insisting the rapper shouldn't have to adhere to the New South Wales District Court's ruling because he may not have been in the state when the legal proceedings began, according to the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

The court of appeal hearing continues.