Though it originally started out as a spin-off from hugely successful CW series 'Arrow', 'The Flash' has for many far eclipsed its 'Arrowverse' companions and become one of the most entertaining shows on the small screen. With Grant Gustin in the titular role as the Scarlet Speedster hero, otherwise known as Barry Allen, he's proven his acting chops in many ways.

Todd Helbing serves as executive producer on 'The Flash'Todd Helbing serves as executive producer on 'The Flash'

One of the most shocking and exciting reveals of the show's last season was when Gustin was allowed to do just that, bringing his evil alter ego to the forefront as a future version of his character was revealed to be the primary antagonist of the show, Savitar.

It wasn't something that many people saw coming, but everything seemed to make sense when the reveal was given. Now though with hindsight, one particular showrunner thinks things could have gone a little differently, thanks to Gustin's impressive performance.

Speaking with Den of Geek at this year's San Diego Comic Con, executive producer Todd Helbing admitted: "One thing we probably would have changed would have been to reveal Savitar a little bit earlier, especially since Grant is so amazing with his evil, future version of himself. It became tricky but I’m certainly proud of what we did last season."

It would certainly have been interesting to see more of Gustin's approach to his nasty side if he was given the opportunity to showcase that part of his character earlier on in the season. What many people didn't like about the third season however was the darker tone when compared to the two seasons that had come before it.

With that in mind, maybe the problems that should have been addressed was the balance of darkness with humour. Helbing also assured those in attendance at SDCC that the jokes would be making a comeback, bigger and better than ever. Whichever direction the show goes in, this is the time for 'The Flash' to prove it's more than just a flash in the pan - excuse the pan.

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'The Flash' returns a little later this year to The CW in the US and Sky1 in the UK.