Holly Madison's experience with autism has been a "really interesting journey".

The 44-year-old TV star was diagnosed with autism last summer, and Holly has admitted that she actually "suspected" that she was "on the spectrum for a while".

Speaking to 'Extra', Holly shared: "I suspected I was on the spectrum for a while after my mom told me some things about my childhood and I started looking up the symptoms and putting two and two together.

"I finally got a diagnosis this last summer, so it’s been a really interesting journey."

The blonde beauty - who is the former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine - has recently relished making 'The Playboy Murders', her new TV show that premieres this month.

The show investigates murders that intersect with the Playboy empire, and Holly loved making the project.

She said: "I really love diving into true stories and really getting into the meat of it and really trying to get to know the people involved as best we can."

Holly opened up about her autism diagnosis last year, explaining how it influences her relationship with other people.

She said on the 'Talking to Death' podcast: "The doctor told me that I have high executive functioning, which means I can pretty much go about my life and do things ‘normally'.

"I think because I’m more quiet, I’ve only recently learned to make eye contact, I’m often in my own thoughts, things like that, so people take that as offensive."

Holly also acknowledged that she's "not on the same social wavelength as other people".

However, she hopes no-one is offended by her behaviour.

She explained: "I'm just not on the same social wavelength as other people but don’t take it personally. So I like being able to explain that."