Holly Madison has accused Crystal Hefner of copying her writing style.

The 44-year-old star was one of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends at the infamous Playboy mansion and in the years that followed penned her best-selling memoir 'Down the Rabbit Hole' but felt like she was reading her own book when she picked up a copy of a memoir written by the late magazine publisher's widow.

Speaking on the 'Lady Gang' podcast, she said: "Anybody who's read my book that came out eight years ago and then read her book, tell me the narrative voice doesn't sound exactly the same. "When I say narrative voice I don't mean... Like of course we are going to be writing a lot about the same things, we dated the same person, we might even come to some of the same conclusions, I was reading it and there were some times I was like, 'I feel like I'm reading my own book."

The 'Lethally Blonde' host was "weirded out" by Crystal's tome 'Only Say Good Things' - which was published earlier this year, almost seven years on from when Hugh died at the age of 91 - as she noted that even the books by other former Playboy bunnies were different to her own.

She said: "I'm weirded out by it, especially since she had a ghostwriter. Like, do your research and don't copy

"If you take my book and Kendra's book, it's two completely different people, even though we lived there at the same time, it's two completely different voices as it should be, so I'm weirded out by it.

"You would have thought that it went through somebody reading it that would be like, 'That's a little bit too similar'. I'm supportive of her telling her story.

"I think we probably went through a lot of the same things in that relationship and a lot of it's been very relieving for me to hear, even before her book came out when she talks about feeling like she always felt like she had to walk on egg shells or always felt like she was going to have the rug pulled out from her," she said, before reiterating that the similar narrative voice "bothers" her especially because she was the first to reveal her experience."