Country music star Jake Owen halted his concert in Indiana on Thursday night (01May14) to throw out a man who had been spotted allegedly punching a female fan.

The singer was onstage in Fort Wayne when he caught sight of the altercation and stopped the music to chastise the male.

Singling out the guy in the crowd, he said, "If you're a man and you touch a woman, you're a bad dude, man."

He then instructed security to escort the suspect from the venue, before continuing with the show.

The female victim, identified only as Ashley, has since spoken out about the bust-up, insisting she had no idea who the man was.

She tells local radio show Dan & Dude, "I think this girl just got really (mad) at me for probably being in her way, and she pretty much grabbed me by my hair, took me to the ground and started dragging me. I put my hands up and this dude that was with her just wailed me in the eye."

She was hospitalised after the gig and has since been left with a swollen eye.