Jennifer Lopez will host the American Music Awards (AMAs).

The 'On the Floor' hitmaker will take the helm of an awards show for the first time on November 22, and she will also perform material from her upcoming Las Vegas residency at the ceremony, which will take place at Los Angeles' Microsoft theatre.

Award nominees, who are selected based on album sales, radio airplay, touring and social media, will be announced by singers Joe Jonas and Charlie Puth on October 13.

Meanwhile, Jennifer has compared her preparations for live shows to ''training like a fighter'' because she has to be in peak physical condition to combine singing with tough choreography.

She told DigitalSpy: ''For me it was building up the stamina to do it. I knew I could. It's just one of those things: you really have to train. You have to see where you're going to do everything and how you're going to do it.

''OK, I'm not going to sing on this chorus because the choreography is too demanding - it's different things like that.

''You have to plan and plot it out so the audience gets the best experience.

''You train like a fighter for a fight; you build yourself up to be able to physically handle it.''